Ghost Hunting 101

Our beginning investigators will be treated to the famous Sallie House, where you will learn about the equipment, procedures and things professional investigators look for while exploring haunted sites. Mature audience. Please meet at the Sallie House, 508 N. 2nd.

Ghost Hunting 101 will be led by The C.R.E.E.P.Z or 'City & Rural Explorers Examining Paranormal Zones' Ghost Commandos. C.R.E.E.P.Z  was formed by three individuals after discussing their interest and experiences with the paranormal. Brothers Alec & Adam Tillery, and longtime friend Gideon Coyle, set off to examine paranormal locations and situations in the pursuit of understanding the mysterious phenomena that occurs all over the world. Through history, science, and capturing actual evidence of the paranormal, the C.R.E.E.P.Z. look to show the world that the living may not be so alone.

Ghost Hunting 101 will be led by Chris Case, founder of Chris Case Productions, and founder/lead investigator of Omne Paranormal Society. Chris also serves as a live streaming and platform specialist for

2019 Ghost Hunting 101 Dates Coming Soon

Tickets: $65 per person

*By purchasing this ticket you accept all liability and hold harmless the City of Atchison, the Atchison Chamber of Commerce and the Sallie House.

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