Haunted Experiences

Inexplainable things can happen when you tour Haunted Atchison. The following are stories, videos and photos submitted from visitors like you who experienced paranormal activity while in The Most Haunted Town in Kansas.

Haunted Stories

Juli from P.I.N.K.  captured a couple of photos of what we think is a girl suspended in the air in the closet doorway of the master bedroom.  Possibly Sallie?  Another photo of what appears to be a woman dressed in a time period dress standing next to the bed in the master bedroom.  Possibly Momma? Now we think this is strange, but possibly paranormal, tell us what you think. We have lost video footage from 4 different cameras that were set up in the house all the same time frame.  The nursery stand still 8:30 P.M. to 10:30 PM and 1:35 AM to 5:00 AM,  The guest bedroom..is what we call the third bedroom on the back of the house, 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM and 1:35 AM to 5:00 AM, our hand held is completely gone and can’t find the clips and the living room camera that was set up at 2:20 AM until 9:00 AM for when we slept there is no footage until 5:00 AM.  We heard a little girl’s voice with our own ears three different times through out the night all from the same area…the top of the stairs.  She said the same thing each time “Momma!”  We managed to capture some evp/ghost box sessions and some small clips with some strange light anomalies in the nursery!

Toni and Debra’s experience from their evening at the Sallie House. “We did our investigation and it was strangely uneventful except for our equipment always turning off. (And our anxious feelings) we have NEVER left an investigation. EVER! But I had an angry emotional episode that didn’t last but a few seconds and Debra’s chest got tight from unknown anxiety causes. And I felt as though a man was behind me, arms crossed, tapping his foot, waiting impatiently for us to leave. Debra got scratched on her wrist just beside her “In God I trust” bracelet and also on her back as we were going out the door. We were gone by midnight.”

Haunted Videos

Haunted Photos

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Caught by a Haunted Trolley rider at the Shisler House. 10/1/16


A maid (?) walking up to the Muchnic Art Gallery during a Trolley Tour. Three people saw her but only one got a photo. Taken on 10/14/14.


Face in window taken of the Sallie House. No one was in the passenger seat of the car. Photo courtesy of Roland of Safe Lite. 10/16


Haunted Trolley Tour. Possible face in the window. Photo taken on 10/1/16 by Angie Longmore.


Looks to be a victorian woman looking out the window, with her hand on her hip. This picture was taken at the Cray Historical Home and Museum. Taken on 9/16 by William Lawson.


Notice the discolor in the fingers. The person in the photo had complained about how cold her fingers were and how she felt that someone had been holding her hand. Courtesy of the Blue Valley Broadcasting Team. 2015


Look to the left of the little girl for an apparition. Courtesy of Ricky Lee. 2014.


Sallie House Basement Picture 1. Courtesy of Christy Harris. June 2014


Sallie House Basement-Picture 2 taken in sequence. Courtesy of Christy Harris. June 2014


Basement-Picture 3 taken in sequence. Notice mysterious mist. Courtesy of Chirsty Harris. June 2014

SBSPIARS paranormal group

SBSPIARS paranormal group posing outside before their overnight stay at the Sallie House. Look for the unexplainable images around them. Courtesy of Joe Boxall. July 2014.


Sallie House - Courtesy of Robert Peschka. May 2016. Profile of face with Indian headdress at bottom right hand quadrant of window.


Sallie House - Courtesy of Robert Peschka. May 2016. "We left the house to get some food, the doll was laying in the stroller head by the handle bars, when we came back 15 minutes later doll was sitting staring at the door."


Sallie House - Courtesy of Phyllis Bingham. January 2014. "If you look in the top window there is a face. I took 6 other pictures of the front of the house and no face in them."


Series of photos of horseshoe shaped marks on the floors of the Sallie House were taken by Tim Woods with LiveSciFi on Friday, February 26, 2016.


Horseshoe shaped marks on the floors of the Sallie House were taken by Tim Woods with LiveSciFi on Friday, February 26, 2016.


Horseshoe shaped marks on the floors of the Sallie House were taken by Tim Woods with LiveSciFi on Friday, February 26, 2016.


Photo courtesy of Matthew Teague. Taken on 10/29/16


Taken 4/15


Taken 4/15