Haunted Atchison

Experience Haunted Atchison

For more than a decade, paranormal enthusiasts, brave travelers and those who like otherworldly diversions have been flocking to Atchison, intent on exploring its rich haunted history.

The stories have been told since Atchison was a bustling transportation hub and launching point for westward migration in the late 1800s, and later a pioneering railroad town. That’s when many of our stately homes were built. The bizarre occurrences in these majestic dwellings continue to happen today and paranormal investigators still hold Atchison as a hotspot of ghostly happenings.


Haunted Atchison

These tours, programs and events have something for everyone, from the informational History/Mystery Walking Tour and Murder Mystery Dinners, to a night of ghost hunting with Paranormal Investigations, Atchison has a little bit of everything.

Paranormal Experiences

Inexplicable things can happen when you tour Haunted Atchison. The following are stories, videos and photos submitted from visitors like you who experienced paranormal activity while in The Most Haunted Town in Kansas.

Paranormal Experiences

Sallie House

Atchison’s most famous haunted home

Visits by paranormal investigators have provided audio, video and photographic proof of paranormal activity.