GatheringZ with Keli Adams

GatheringZ and Dilgert House Tour with Keli Adams

Bring a photo of a departed loved one or pet, and in a small group setting, Keli Adams, a 30 year veteran medium with 35 years as a paranormal researcher, will profoundly reconnect you to your loved ones with her uncanny gifts, compassion and wonderful humor.

In addition to the gathering, Keli will give guests a tour of her deliciously spirited home, where you will learn some of the rich little-known history of Atchison and how Adam Dilgert and his family contributed to this colorful river town that truly was the original "wild west." Learn the difference between "haunted" and "spirited," and perhaps experience both during the tour.  No promises, but the spirits of the house are quite active...and may just want to play.

Tickets: $30

*All guests must be at least 18 years old in order to attend GatheringZ. Tickets Are Sold For Specific Dates Only. No Cancellations – No Credits.

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