Ghost Hunting 101

2020 Schedule TBD

Our beginning investigators will be treated to the famous Sallie House, where you will learn about the equipment, procedures and things professional investigators look for while exploring haunted sites. Mature audience. Please meet at the Sallie House, 508 N. 2nd.

Join Chris Case, founder of Omne Paranormal Society, Chris Case Productions, and Live Streaming and Platform Specialist at VIDI Space for the basics of paranormal investigating at the Sallie House. Chris just finished his film-making degree and is currently filming the documentaries “We Are Pine Ridge Reservation” and “Declassified”. Chris lives in Omaha, NE and helps give tours at the Malvern Manor in Malvern, IA. Chris had his first paranorml experience at the age of 14. He encountered a full-body apparition walking towards him and since that day has always wondered what makes them exist.

*By purchasing a ticket you accept all liability and hold harmless the City of Atchison, the Atchison Chamber of Commerce and the Sallie House.

Attendees MUST be 16 years old or older. A parent or guardian must be present and signed consent waivers from a parent or guardian are required.

Appropriate footwear required.

Attendee will be held responsible for any damage to property, so please be careful.

No Ouija Boards or Séances allowed.

No cleansing the house

No candles or open flames

Any person found inebriated that may pose a risk or danger to themselves or others will be asked to leave.


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